Injection Molding

Custom plastic injection molding is the foundation of our business and we pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous improvement and the 5S philosophy of lean manufacturing. We process all types of thermoplastic materials and have extensive engineering expertise and involvement in all aspects of our facility. Our presses range from 80 ton to 920 ton with a variety of secondary operation stations. Our facility includes expansive manufacturing space and additional warehouse capabilities.

• 120,000sq. ft. of Manufacturing
• 50 Presses
• 80-920 Ton
• Extensive Secondary Operations Experience

Design to Completion

We have built a long-term strategic relationship with one of the premier product design firms in the country, Creative Mechanisms, Inc.. We have worked hand in hand on several projects to help our customers create the most effective products possible for their application, create cost savings for existing products and provide the physical properties testing required to ensure success.

  • Product Design/Development/Improvement
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing/FEA /Mold Flow
  • Physical Properties Testing

Assembly & Distribution

We have a proven history of component assembly and finished product assembly for consumer and industrial applications. Our work includes assemblies as simple as a few components to complex with over 30 components.

We take full responsibility of the finished units, pack them in consumer ready boxes and ship to distribution centers across North America as well as direct to the customer. We ship over one million consumer ready products a year.

  • Assembly Line/Work Cell
  • Complete Product Responsibility – Final Pack Out
  • Over 1,000,000 Assembled Units Shipped Annually